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Outdoor Play & Nature Kindergarten

Outdoor play at Red Hen is awesome. Not only is it fun but the EYFS benefits and all the characteristics of effective learning are activated.

Red Hen upholds the saying 'there is no such thing as bad weather, we just need to dress appropriately'. Children (and staff!) are outside the majority of their time at Red Hen - whatever the weather! 

We have a variety of animals that the children get to see daily. When other people come to the animals, we like to share these experiences with the children and staff too, eg. vets, farriers, sheep-shearers.

Red Hen is proud to have won Nursery World's enabling environment award as well as the Lincolnshire Environmental Award 2017 in recognition for the work we do educating children about nature. Listen about us on BBC Radio Lincolnshire:-

The children and staff are lucky to have the farm and nature area at Red Hen to learn about a wide range of biodiversity including wild flowers, wild animals and birds.

“To move, to run, to feel one’s life in every limb, that is the life of early childhood”  (Margaret MacMillan, pioneer of healthy childhoods, good food & fresh air in 1915)

 “Children who play in flexible, natural landscapes appear to be healthier, have improved motor fitness, balance and co-ordination and demonstrate more creativity in their play”
(Fjortoft 2001,2004)

“Rural environments foster sensory awareness - while the noisy, busy, hustle and bustle of the city teaches us to shut out a plethora of sensory stimuli, rural environments allow enough space and time for the senses to breathe"
(Sally Goddard-Blythe 2005.)

“RECIPE for preserving CHILDREN!   
(from Sally Jenkisons' wonderful book 'The Genius of Play'

1 grass field, 1 dozen children, half a dozen dogs (& puppies if available), 1 brook, 1 kg pebbles.

Method:  into the field pour children and dogs. Allow to mix well. Pour brook over pebbles until sightly frothy. When the children are nicely brown, cool off in pebble froth. Dry. Serve with hot mile and freshly baked gingerbread. (Mrs Baron Clarke in Jenkinson, S: 2001)


What they say about Red Hen
Every time I pick Phoebe up from Red Hen she is full of tales and excitement about her day...helping make a full size Chinese dragon for Chinese new Year then carrying it round the field, pirate day where a map was made a treasure was hunted for, having 2 helpings of home cooked lunch, sitting on a log in the woods drinking hot chocolate, listening to a story , collecting eggs and making a fairy nest for me! I cannot praise Red Hen enough!
Manor House Farm, Reston Road, Legbourne, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8LS T: 01507 603535 E:
Manor House Farm, Reston Road, Legbourne, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 8LS T: 01507 603535 E:
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